List of winners

Marzieh Ghiyasinasab, Université Laval - CIRRELT/FORAC: Production planning and project scheduling for engineer-to-order systems- case study for engineered wood production.

Maha Ben Ali, Université Laval - CIRRELT/FORAC: Configuration and evaluation of an integrated demand management process using a space-filling design and Kriging metamodeling.

Gregory Paradis, University of British Columbia: A Bilevel Model Formulation for the Distributed Wood Supply Planning Problem.

Rezvan Rafiei, CIRRELT: Dynamic safety stock in co-production demand-driven wood remanufacturing mills: A case study.
Tasseda Boukherroub, CIRRELT: A framework for sustainable forest resource allocation: A Canadian case study.

Claudia Cambero, University of British Columbia: Strategic optimization of forest residues to bioenergy and biofuel supply chain.

Gregory Paradis, Université Laval: On the risk of systematic drift under incoherent hierarchical forest management planning.