Student Paper Competition

2018 David Martell Student Paper Prize in Forestry - Finalists

The jury members of the David Martell Student Paper Prize in Forestry (DMSPPF) composed by David Martell, Tasseda Boukherroub and Gregory Paradis are pleased to announce the three finalists:

• Abasian, F. Rönnqvist M., Ouhimmou, M., 2018. Forest bioenergy network design under market uncertainty.
• Ben Ali, M., D'Amours S., Gaudreault J., Carle M-A., 2018. Configuration and evaluation of an integrated demand management process using a space-filling design and Kriging metamodeling. Operations Research Perspectives, 5, 45-58.
• Malladi, K-T., Quirion-Blais O., Sowlati T., 2018. Development of a decision support tool for optimizing the short-term logistics of forest-based biomass. Applied Energy, 216, 662-677.

Please note that the names of the finalists are shown in alphabetical order, and the selection of the prize winner will be done at a special session within the OR in Forestry Cluster at the upcoming CORS Conference in Halifax to be held from June 4th-6th.

During the special session of the prize, the above finalists will present their paper's work in front of the jury. The special session is open to all conference attendees.

Tasseda Boukherroub
President of the CORS Forestry SIG