Past winners

2017 Competition Results


Hootan Kamran, University of Toronto – Automated Quality Assurance for Radiotherapy Treatment Plans


Christopher Sun, University of Toronto – Improving Accessibility of Public Access Defibrillators through Spatiotemporal Optimization

Vahid Roshanaei, University of Toronto – Branch-and-Check Methods for Multi-level Operating Room Planning and Scheduling

Lauren McNamara, Dalhousie University – A Geospatial Analysis of Incorporating CECs into the Nova Scotia Emergency Care Network

2016 Competition Results


Yangzi Jiang, University of Waterloo – An Empirical Study of Allocation Scheduling and Advanced Scheduling for MRI Patients

Runner-up (tied)

Hootan Kamran, University of Toronto – Identification of Flu Hubs Using a Scale-free Network of Flu Distances

Vahid Roshanaei, University of Toronto – Logic-based Benders’ Decomposition Approaches for Distributed Operating Room Scheduling


Salem Jabr, University of Toronto – Predicting Short-term Hospital Inpatient Bed Needs

M. Reza Skandari, University of British Columbia – Optimal Decision Making in a Markov Model with Parameter Uncertainty: Case of Chronic Kidney Disease