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Student Paper Competition Winners



Each year CORS conducts a student paper competition to recognize the contribution of a paper either directly to the field of operational research through the development of methodology or to another field through the application of operational research. The competition serves to showcase the high quality of OR education in Canada as well as the excellence of the new generation of operational researchers. Prizes are awarded in two categories: Undergraduate and Open.


Application Process

We thank you for your interest, but applications are no longer accepted for 2020.



Student Paper Competition Winners


Open Category

First Prize: "Tight-and-cheap conic relaxation for the AC optimal power flow problem"

Christian Bingane, Miguel Anjos, Sébastien Le Digabel

(Polytechnique Montreal)
Honourable Mention: "Calculus Identities for Generalized Simplex Gradients: Rules and Applications"

Gabriel Jarry-Bolduc, Warren Hare

(University of British Columbia)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "Optimal Re-allocation of Pay and Display Machines for Toronto Parking Authority"

Milan Preet Kaur, Mandeep Hanspal, Jui Dhaval Champaneri, Sathana Srikanthan

(University of Waterloo)

Open Category

First Prize: "Spatial separability in hub location problems with an application to brain connectivity networks"

Taghi Khaniyev

(University of Waterloo)
Honourable Mention: "Multiple Observations and Goodness of Fit in Generalized Inverse Optimization"

Rafid Mahmood

(University of Toronto)
Honourable Mention: "UAV Service with Competition under Technological and Regulatory Limitations"

Gohram Baloch

(University of Waterloo)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "The Walking School Bus Routing Problem"

Negin Bolkhanian

Matthew Reyers

(Simon Fraser University)
Honourable Mention: "Evaluating NFL Game States using a Markov Reward Process"

Craig Fernandes

(University of Toronto)

Open Category

First Prize: "Vehicle Routing Problems with Synchronized Visits and Stochastic/Time-Dependent Travel and Service Times: Applications in Healthcare"

Seyed Hossein Hashemi Doulabi

(École Polytechnique de Montréal)
Second Prize: "Optimal Vaccine Administration Policies Using Multi-dose Vials of Different Sizes"

Gizem Nemutlu

(University of Waterloo)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "End-to-End Analytics: Wait Time Management of Ontario MRI Services"

Alexandra Hayes, Christian Gould, Kevin Chu, Srikajan Santhirakumaran

(University of Waterloo)

Open Category

First Prize: "Dynamic Type Matching"

Yun Zhou

(University of Toronto)
Honourable Mention: "The Value of Flexibility in Robust Location-Transportation Problems"

Amir Ardestani-Jaafari

(HEC Montreal)
Honourable Mention: "Cold supply chain design with environmental considerations: A simulation-optimization approach"

Ahmed Saif

(University of Waterloo)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "To Drone or Not to Drone: Investigating Drone Deliveries?"

Taha Mirza, Rupan Dandiwal, Shayan Altaf, Brady Lee

(University of Waterloo)
Honourable Mention: "A Queueing Network Model For Refugee Language Courses In Vancouver"

Oshane Jackson, Ismael Martinez

(Simon Fraser University)
Honourable Mention: "Reducing Blood Distribution Costs for Canadian Blood Services"

Brianna Horton, Constance Gervais, Danielle Shawcross, Juliana Gonzalez

(University of Waterloo)

Open Category

First Prize: "Modeling Yellow and Red Alert Durations for Ambulance Systems"

Amir Rastpour

(University of Alberta)
Honourable Mention: "Coalitional Operating Room Planning and Scheduling"

Vahid Roshanaei

(University of Toronto)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "Redesigning Fischer Canada's Facility Layout and Scheduling Operations"

Zahra Bodla

Ahad Ismail

Ra'd Daoud

AbdulRehman Shaheen

(University of Waterloo)
Honourable Mention: "Feeding Iqaluit: A Consolidated Shipment Ordering System"

Jordan Moreau

Ian Gresel

Andrew Scott

Mohamed-Akeel R. Hasham

(University of Waterloo)

Open Category

First Prize: "Robust Facility Location Under Demand Location Uncertainty"

Auyon A. Siddiq

(University of Toronto)
Honourable Mention: "Allocation Policies in Blood Transfusion"

Vahid Sarhangian

(University of Toronto)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "Selecting Optimal Tolling Levels: A Case Study for the Fraser River in the Greater Vancouver Area"

Kishley Bhalla

Craig Mathews

W Brett Robinson

Katie Sclater

(Simon Fraser University)
Honourable Mention: "Optimal Locations of Telecommunication Equipment: A Case Study for the City of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada"

Nicole Mo

Alborz Namazi

Joyce Tai

Eric Yuen

(Simon Fraser University)

Open Category

First Prize: "Generalized Inverse Multi Objective Optimization with Application to Cancer Therapy"

Taewoo Lee

(University of Toronto)
Honourable Mention: "Bayesian control chart for multi-state processes in infinite horizon"

Jue Wang

(University of Toronto)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "Selecting Optimal Locations of Food Trucks:A Case Study for the City of Vancouver"

Benny Wai

Alex Liu

Lawrence Huen

(Simon Fraser University)
Honourable Mention: "The University Course Selection Problem: Efficient Models and Experimental Analysis"

Bo Chen

Luheng Wang

Wenjiao Chen

Xiao Luo

(Simon Fraser University)

Open Category

First Prize: "Joint Optimization of Sampling and Control of Partially Observable Failing Systems"

Michael Jong Kim

(University of Toronto)
Honourable Mention: "Adaptive and robust radiation therapy optimization for lung cancer"

Velibor Misic

(University of Toronto)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "The TA assignment problem with open tutorials"

Issac He

Mark Strange

Hans Aisake

(Simon Fraser University)
Honourable Mention: "Intersection Optimization Analysis: Cambie & W. Broadway, Vancouver"

Sam Maggs

Michelle Leung

Svyatoslav Glazyrin

(Simon Fraser University)

Open Category

First Prize: "Portfolio Selection under Model Uncertainty: A Penalized Moment-Based Optimization Approach"

Jonathan Y. Li

(University of Toronto)
Honourable Mention: "The development and application of a new simulation model for multi-agricultural biomass"

Mahmood Ebadian

(University of British Columbia)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "Staffing Requirements Based on Stochastic Arrivals and Infinite Server Model (M/M/s)"

Shuang E

Derek Hewitt

Jenny Morrow

Scott Van Bolhuis

(University of Alberta)

Open Category

First Prize: "A Markov Chain Model for the Performance of an EMS System with Repositioning"

Ramon Alanis

(School of Business, University of Alberta)
Honourable Mention: "New Relaxations for Binary Quadratic Problems Using Second-Order Cone Programming"

Bissan Ghaddar

(Department of Management Sciences, University of Waterloo)
Honourable Mention: "A New Class of Neighborhood Path-Following Interior Point Algorithms for Semidefinite Optimization with O(√nlog(Tr(X0S0)/ε)) Iteration Complexity"

Yang Li

(Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "Community Facility Services: Drive Time and Market Share Analysis"

Erin Hrycyschyn

Felicia Ng

Brent Ouwerkerk

Jimmie Tom

Sean Tomilin

(University of Alberta)

Open Category

First Prize: "Product Differentiation and Operations Strategy in a Competitive Market"

Sachin Jayaswa

(Department of Management Sciences, University of Waterloo)
Honourable Mention: "Fuzzy Hierarchical Production Planning"

Mahmood Ebadian

(Department of Wood Science, University of British Columbia)
Honourable Mention: "Appointment Scheduling with Discrete Random Durations"

Mehmet A. Begen

(Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "Robust Portfolio Selection for Index Tracking"

Chen Chen

(Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto)
Honourable Mention: "Production Facility Optimization"

Maxine Cunningham

John Schmidt

Jonathon Braamms

(School of Business, University of Alberta)
Honourable Mention: "Disabled Adult Transit Service –Optimal Shift Design and Demand"

Mike Clay

Yvan Fortier

Chris Samuel

(School of Business, University of Alberta)

Open Category

First Prize: "Supply Chain Coordination Through Pricing and Bundling"

Chirag Surti

(DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University)
Honourable Mention: "Product Differentiation & Operations Strategy in a Capacitated Environment"

Sachin Jayaswal

(Department of Management Sciences, University of Waterloo)
Honourable Mention: "A Nested Benders Decomposition Approach for Optimal W-CDMA Telecommunication Network Planning"

Joe Naoum-Sawaya

( Department of Management Sciences, University of Waterloo)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize:
Not awarded
Honourable Mention: "ETS Customer Service Standards"

Angela Kercher

Arthur Lee

Shawn Halvorson

(School of Business, University of Alberta)
Honourable Mention: "Optimization of Transit Services – Through Class Scheduling"

Sterling Todd Keys

Sean Lelacheur

Greg Ninowsky

(School of Business, University of Alberta)

Open Category

First Prize: "Optimal Release of Inventory Using Online Auctions: The Two Item Case"

Fredik Odegaard

(Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia)
Honourable Mention: "A Theoretical Comparison of Feasibility Cuts for the Integrated Aircraft Routing and Crew Pairing Problem"

Anne Mercier

(CRT, Universite de Montreal)
Honourable Mention: "Response Time Reduction in Make-to-Order and Assemble-to-Order Supply Chain Design"

Navneet Vidyarthi

(Department of Management Sciences, University of Waterloo)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "Capital Health: Forecasting Demand Beyond Population Growth of MRI / CT / Ultrasound"

Allison Bouthillier

Amanda Meleshko

Peter Wares

(University of Alberta School of Business)
Honourable Mention: "Simple Solutions: Inbound Truck Scheduling"

Kieran Ryan

Stewart Wilson

(University of Alberta School of Business)

Open Category

First Prize: "A Robust Approach to IMRT Optimization"

Timothy C Y Chan

(Operations Research Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Honourable Mention: "L’optimisation du transport dans l’industrie forestière"

Catherine Gingras

(HEC Montréal)
Honourable Mention: "Incorporating Employee Satisfaction in Workforce Scheduling and Rostering"

Yong Yue Li

(University of Alberta School of Business)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "Fountain Tire: British Columbia Retreading Plant Location"

David Mann

Anh Nguyen

Sean O’Donnell

(University of Alberta School of Business)
Honourable Mention: "Vendor Performance Evaluation and Cart & Warehouse Reorder Point Analysis"

Megan Inglis

Jen Tyrkalo

Jillene Wiebe

Mark Zschocke

(University of Alberta School of Business)

Open Category

First Prize: "Improving Resource Utilization for Diagnostic Services Through Flexible Inpatient Scheduling"

Jonathan Patrick

(University of British Columbia)
Honourable Mention: "A simplex Algorithm For Piecewise-Linear Fractional Programming Problems"

Pooja Pandey

(University of New Brunswick (Saint John))
Honourable Mention: "A Tactical Planning Model for the Railroad Transportation of Mixed Freight"

Manish Verma

(Memorial University)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "Dynamic Simulation for Rail and Terminal Services Used in Sulphur Distribution"

Chelsea Baron

Jennifer Der

Lukas Deeg

Mark Zschocke

(University of Alberta)
First Prize: "A Heuristic for Solving the Bottleneck Traveling Salesman Problem"

John LaRusic

(University of New Brunswick (Fredericton))

Open Category

First Prize: "Sensitivity Analysis in Convex Quadratic Optimization: Simultaneous Perturbation of the Objective and Right-Hand-Side Vectors"

Oleksandr Romanko

(M.Sc., McMaster)
Honourable Mention: "New solvable cases of the traveling salesman problem on permuted Monge matrices"

Zhihui Xue

Honourable Mention: "La localisation de centres de tri de colis chez Postes Canada"

Rémy Monfet

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "TELUS Operator Services Estimation Tool Project"

Alden Christianson

Wilson Mok

Gabriel Wong

Kelly O’Byrne

Honourable Mention: "Standards for Prostate Treatment in Alberta"

Daniel Bowker

Jared Poplawski

Scott Knibbs

(University of Alberta)

Open Category

First Prize: "Real Options Valuation and Optimal Operation of Electrical Power Plants in Competitive Markets"

Matt Thompson

(Ph.D., Western Ontario)
Honourable Mention: "Exact solution of the centralized network design problem on directed graphs"

Fatma Gzara

(Ph.D., McGill)
Honourable Mention: "Aggregate Logistics Optimization for a Large Beverage Company"

Ernest Hongtu Wu

(M.Sc, UBC)
Honourable Mention: "Strategic Revenue Management Under Price and Seat Inventory Competition"

Xuan Zhao

(Ph.D., UBC)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "Basis Identification Procedure"

Ayako Watanabe

Honourable Mention: "Improving Forecast Accuracy for Purolator Courier"

Adam Crowe

Andrea Denney

David Fath

Elaine Siu

Linda Tarshahani

(University of Alberta)

Open Category

First Prize: "A Continuous-Time Strategic Capacity Planning Model for Multi-Product, Multi-Machine Manufacturing Systems under Demand Uncertainties"

W.T. Huh

R.O. Roundy

(Cornell University)
Honourable Mention: "A Penalty-Evaporation Heuristic in a Decomposition Method for the Maximum Clique Problem"

P. St-Louis

J.A. Ferland

B. Gendron

(University of Montreal)
Honourable Mention: "A Compact Model and Tight Bounds for a Combined Location/Routing Problem"

M. Albareda-Sambola

J.A. Diaz

E. Fernandez

Honourable Mention: "Designing Distribution Networks: Formulations and Solution Heuristic"

S. Lapierre

A.B. Ruiz

P. Soriano


Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "Supporting Wood Supply Chain Decisions with Simulation for a Mill in Northern BC"


(University of New Brunswick)
Honourable Mention: "Simulating a Job Shop: Metal Fabricators and Welding Ltd."

A. Benjamin

M. Noel

R. D'Ilio

(University of Alberta)
Honourable Mention: "Resource Simulation at Air Canada"

K. Chong

M. Grewal

J. Loo

(University of Calgary)
Honourable Mention: "Inventory Management and Reorder Point Analysis at the Edmonton Component Rebuild Center of Finning"

K. Bessette

J. Litchfield

J. Johnson

M. Riskin

(University of Alberta)

Open Category

First Prize: "The Integration of Interior-Point Cutting Plane Methods within Branch-and-Price Algorithms"

Samir Elhedhli

(Faculty of Management, McGill University, Montreal)
Honourable Mention: "Le problème du postier chinois mixte avec pénalités pour les virages"

Nathalie Perrier

Honourable Mention: "Developing an Airline Network Inventory Control Policy Using Markov Decision Processes and Simulation"

Kyle Biswanger

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "A Forest Landscape Generator"

Gregory Paradis

(Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, University of New Brunswick)

Open Category

First Prize:

Brian Denton

(Scheduling Start Times for Jobs With Uncertain Durations)
Honourable Mention: "Cellular Manufacturing System Design: A Price-directed Decomposition and Genetic Algorithm Approach"

Aaron Luntala Nsakanda

Honourable Mention: "Identifying High-Risk Claims within the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia's Claim Inventory by using Logistic Regression Modelling"

Ernest Urbanovich

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "Cost-effective and Reliable Grinding Schedules for Inland Cement"

Joey Cherdarchuk

Shahnoor Lalani

Kimberley Mik

Thaddeus Sim

(University of Alberta)
Honourable Mention: "Équilibrage d'une chaîne d'assemblage par Recherche Tabou"

Pascal Forget


Open Category

Honourable Mention: "A Markov Decision Process Model for Airline Meal Provisioning"

Jason H. Goto

Honourable Mention: "A fast Algorithm to Minimize Makespan for the Two-Machine Flow-Shop Problem with Release Dates"

Jinliang Cheng

George Steiner

Paul Stephenson

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "TAU Utilities: Speciality Crew Location"

Chris Goodwin

Joanne Kok

Steve Kabanuk

(University of Alberta)
Honourable Mention: "Locating a Meat Processing Plant in the Prairies"

Laura Morrison

Les Stelmach

Mark Gannon


Open Category

First Prize: "On the interaction of time and money invested in new ventures"

Moren Lévesque

Kenneth R. MacCrimmon

(University of British Columbia)
Honourable Mention: " A goal programming approach to strategic resource allocation in acute care hospitals"

John T. Blake

Michael W. Carter

(University of Toronto)

Undergraduate Category

First Prize: "Delivering results in the pizza industry"

Jay Baraniecki

Chris Neuman

Laura Morrison

(University of Alberta)
"Topological Design of Two Level Telecommunication Networks with Modular Switches"

Steve Chamberland

(Mathematics and Industrial Engineering, École Polytechnique de Montréal)
"A mixed-integer, non-linear program for oil field production planning"

Bob Dawson

(Management Sciences, University of Waterloo)
"Application de la méthode de recherche avec tabous au tracé d'une ligne de métro"

Hélène Dufourd

(Départment de mathématiques et génie industriel, École Polytechnique de Montréal)
"Balancing Just-In-Time Production Units: The N U-Line Balancing Problem"

David Sparling

(School of Business, McMaster University)
"Bus garage location for the Vancouver Regional Transit System: A mixed integer programming analysis"

Keith A. Willoughby

(University of Calgary)
"Bulk Milk Distribution in Cape Breton"

Mike MacDonald

Bernie P. Lee

(Technical University of Nova Scotia)