Practice Prize Competition

Application instructions



The Practice Prize Competition recognizes the outstanding application of OR by practitioners in Canada and it attracts quality papers to the CORS Annual Conference.


The Prize Committee will determine, at its discretion, First, Second and Honourable Mention awards and the distribution of up to $1800 in prize money according to the extent to which the finalists have reported on a completed, practical application with results that had a significant, verifiable and (preferably) quantifiable impact on the performance of the client organization. Every member of the winning teams receives a certificate.


The applicant must be a resident of Canada. The submission must include work completed over the last two years, but the entire project may have taken place over a longer period. The project may include published work, but it cannot have been previously submitted to this competition.


Application instructions

We thank you for your interest. Applications are no longer accepted for 2021.




First Prize

Imadeddine Aziez, Jean-François Côté, Leandro Callegari Coelho

Université Laval
"Fleet sizing and routing problem with synchronization for AGVs with dynamic demands"


Not awarded


First Prize

Francis Marleau-Donais, Irène Abi-Zeid, Roxane Lavoie, Edward Waygood

Université Laval, Polytechnique Montréal
"Prioritizing the redesign of streets according to Complete Street principles: A multi-criteria approach"
Second Prize

Antoine Legrain, Jonathan Patrick

Polytechnique Montréal, University of Ottawa
"Inventory Management Using an (s,S)-Policy at The Bank of Canada"


First Prize

Florian Grenouilleau, Antoine Legrain, Nadia Lahrichi, Louis-Martin Rousseau

Polytechnique Montréal
"A Set Partitioning Heuristic for the Home Health Care Routing and Scheduling Problem"


First Prize

Philippe Grangier, Marc Brisson, Michel Gendreau, Fabien Lehuédé, Louis-Martin Rousseau, John Ye

École Polytechnique de Montréal
"A Two-Phase Algorithm for a 3D Container Loading Problem"
Second Prize

Felipe Rodrigues, Greg Zaric, David Stanford

Western University
"Discrete-Event Simulation Model for Planning Level 2 'Step-Down' Beds Using NEMS"


First Prize

Émilie Dufour, Gilbert Laporte, Julie Paquette, Marie-Ève Rancourt

HEC Montréal, Université du Québec à Montréal
"Logistics service network design for humanitarian response in East Africa"


First Prize

Guoqing Zhang

Nooshin Nekoiemehr

Qiqi Zhang

Jérôme-Olivier Ouellet

Jean-François Pagé

Adam Dudar

Anqi Chen

"Modeling of the Air Cargo Network Flow Optimization"


First Prize

Fletcher Lu

Craig Trought

Faculty of Business & Information Technology, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
"Computational Efficiencies in Insurance Fraud Data Analysis"
Second Prize

Daniel Karapetyan

Abraham Punnen

Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
"Operational Research Models and Algorithms for Fleet Size Planning and Schedule Optimisation for the British Columbia Ferry Services Inc."


First Prize

Richard J. Caron

Esai Selvarajah

Sahand Ashtab

Carly Henshaw

Michael Higgins

Lily Wu

Dong Wang

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
"A Network Optimization Model for The TDL Group Corp."
Second Prize

Claire Ma

Annie Zhang

Mahesh Nagarajan

Hamid Mahmoudi

Catherine Barnardo

Stuart Donald

Derek Atkins

Centre for Operations Excellence, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
"Fraser Health: An optimization tool to improve the deployment of home care nurses."
Second Prize

Emma Liu

Liping Liang

Derek Atkins

Chong Chen

Yue Zhang

Rachel Lewis

Jinjin Fu

Centre for Operations Excellence, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
"Patient choice analysis and demand prediction for a health care diagnostic company."


First Prize

Peter Vanberkel

Richard J. Boucherie

Erwin W. Hans

Johann L. Hurink

Wineke A. M. van Lent

Wim H. van Harten

"Implementing algorithms to reduce ward occupancy fluctuation through advanced planning"
Second Prize

Derek Atkins

Vanessa Noonan

Marcel Dvorak

Argelio Santos

Rachel Lewis

James Gurling

Liping Liang

Andy Chen

"Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries: Modeling the Care Journey from Accident to Post-Discharge"


Not awarded


First Prize

Burcin Bozkaya

Erhan Erkut

Dan Haight

Gilbert Laporte

"Designing New Electoral Districts for the City of Edmonton"
Second Prize

Kent J. Kostuk

Keith A. Willoughby

"A Decision Support System for scheduling a professional sports league"


First Prize

Andrea Cameron

Corinne MacDonald

Eldon Gunn

"Improving Production and Inventory Planning for Scotsburn Ice Cream"
Second Prize

Sonya Vanderby

Michael W. Carter

Christopher Feindel

Timothy Latham

"Modelling the Future of the Canadian Cardiac Surgery Workforce Using Systems Dynamics"


First Prize

Vincent S. Chow

Derek Atkins

Wenhai Huang

Martin L. Puterman

Neda Salehirad

"Reducing Surgical Ward Congestion at the Vancouver Island Health Authority through Improved Surgical Scheduling"


First Prize

Mustapha Ouhimmou

Sophie D'Amours

Daoud Ait-kadi

Robert Beauregard

Satyaveer Singh Chauhan

"Optimization helps Shermag Gain Competitive Edge"


First Prize

Saeed Zolfaghari

Vinh Quan

Ahmed El-Bouri

Banafsheh Namiranian

Maryam Khashayardoust

"Heuristics for large scale labour scheduling problems in retail sector"
Second Prize

Mehmet Aydinel

Ximena Cerda

Eric Cope

Mats Gerschman

Taraneh Sowlati

"Optimization of Production Allocation and Transshipment for a Leading Canadian Forest Products Company"
Third Prize

Eric Cope

Ian Fichtenbaum

Neda Salehirad

"Optimizing Cargo Heating Practices at Teekay Shipping Corporation"
Third Prize

Bao Nguyen

David Hopkin

Dr. Handson Yip

Dr. John Fawcett

"Concepts of Operations for the Side Scan Sonar Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Developed at DRDC Atlantic"


First Prize

Li Chen

Mats Gerschman

Fredrik Odegaard

David K. Puterman

Martin L. Puterman

Ryan Quee

"Improving the Efficiency of Porter Operations in Two Vancouver Hospitals"


First Prize

Bernard Gendron

"Scheduling Employees in Quebec’s Liquor Stores with Integer Programming"


First Prize

Derek Atkins

Mehmet A. Begen

Bailey Kluczny

Anita Parkinson

"Reducing Pre-Board Screening Queues at Vancouver International Airport"
Second Prize

Brunilde Sansò

Frédéric Bodevin

"Assessing User QoS in a Deployed GPRS Network"


First Prize

Ernest Urbanovich

Ella E.Young

Martin L. Puterman

Sidney O. Fattedad

"Early Detection of High Risk Claims at the Worker's Compensation Board of British Columbia"
Second Prize

Marko Blais

Sophie D.Lapierre

Gilbert Laporte

"Solving a Home Care Districting Problem in an Urban Setting"
Third Prize

A. Ingolfsson

E. Erkut

S. Budge

"Simulation of a Single Start Station for Edmonton EMS"


First Prize

Jean-Marie Bourjolly

Leslie Dejoie

Ke Ding

Oumar Dioume

Michel Lominy

"DOCAF (TM): A Commercial Software Package for Frequency Allocation in Cellular Phone Networks"
Second Prize

Erhan Erkut

Steve Kabanuk

Russ Fenske

Jerry Davis

"Improving the Emergency Service Delivery in St-Albert"


Honourable Mention

Bao Nguyen

Dr Kevin Ng

"Modeling Canadian Search and Rescue Operations"


Claude Berger

Fabien Chauny

André Langevin

Richard Loulou

Diane Riopel

Gilles Savard

Jean-Philippe Waaub

Agnès Wizere

"EUGÈNE : Un système d'aide à la décision pour la planification à long terme de la gestion intégrée des déchets domestiques"


Erhan Erkut

Anthony Myroon

Kevin Strangway

"TransAlta redesigns its service delivery network"


Paul Comeau

"DSS TANKER - A fuel management model for Air Transport Group"


Michel Gamache

François Soumis

Daniel Villeneuve

Jacques Desrosiers

Éric Gélinas

"The preferential bidding problem at Air Canada"


Maurice Elliott

"Optimizing gas production allocation"


John Blake

Mike Carter

"An analysis of emergency room wait time issues via computer simulation"


Michel Gamache

François Soumis

Gerald Marquis

Jacques Desrosiers

"A column generation approach for large scale aircrew rostering problems"


Michael Carter

Gilbert Laporte

"A general examination scheduling system"


Michael Scriabin

Jason Farlette

Dilip Kotak

Michael A. Matthews

"Air capacity planning symbiotic system (AIRSYM): Combining artificial and human intelligence"


Jacques Ferland

Charles Fleurant

"Computer aided scheduling for a sport league"


Eldon A. Gunn

Glenn Allen

John C. Campbell

Barclay Cunningham

Peter Rutherford

"One Year of OR: Models for Operational and Production planning in the Coal Industry"


First Prize

Michael Carter

"A Lagrangian Relaxation Approach to the Classroom Assignment Problem"
Second Prize

Jacques A. Ferland

Gilles Guénette

"Decision Support System For the School Districting Problem"


Not awarded


Gilbert Laporte

"A System for Assigning Students to Course Sections at the École Polytechnique de Montréal"


Not awarded


A tie

Michel Goulet

"Système de Prévision des Déboursés"
A tie

Cary Swoveland

"Risk Analysis of Regulatory Options for the Transport of Dangerous Commodities by Rail"


Iain R. Grunwell

"Simulation for Training Railway Yard General Yardmasters"


Not awarded