Eldon Gunn Service Award


The Eldon Gunn Service Award is presented to Members of the Society who have made outstanding contributions of time and service to the Society, at the national or local level, as conference organisers or as editors of CORS publications. Eldon Gunn was a major contributor to the Society since the early 1980s and to operational research in Canada since the 1970s. He was one of the first recipients of the service award in 1987 after serving in Council and acting as conference chair for the 27th CORS Annual Conference in Halifax in 1985. He went on to serve as president of the Society in 1991 and continued his service with passion up until his passing in 2016.

If you know of anyone who has dedicated their time to CORS and who has a longstanding service record, please consider nominating him or her for the Eldon Gunn Service Award. CORS Council urges all local sections to consider and nominate their best candidates. Nominations should include the candidate's name, activities, positions and corresponding years of service. The Awards Committee will evaluate the submissions and bring forward potential recipients to Council for approval. Nominees will be evaluated based on a point system. As a guideline, winners should have 2000 or more points. Previous winners are not eligible for additional service awards.

Nomination instructions: 

We thank you for your interest. Applications are no longer accepted for 2021.