CORS Mailing List

As a benefit of membership, members may use the CORS Mailing List to transmit messages, announcements, and job postings to the entire membership or to a targeted subgroup such as a local section.
For example, you can send

  • messages regarding the activities and business of the Society.
  • announcements about conferences, conference sessions, special journal issues, seminars or other activities provided that these are related to operational research in its broadest sense
  • job postings of general interest to CORS members.

The Mailing List is not used for commercial purposes, and all messages are vetted before they are sent out.

For non-members, a fee of $60 is charged for the distribution of job postings and other announcements or messages of interest to the CORS membership.

To view the Mailing List archive, log in to the Online Membership Directory

To submit items to the Mailing List, email CORS Membership Services at