CORS Diploma Recipient Statements

Saeid, Laval Univsersity

I applied for the CORS diploma to deepen my understanding and expertise in the field of Operations Research (OR) and to enhance my resume with this valuable qualification. Becoming a CORS member was a natural step for me after experiencing the value of the diploma program. Being part of the CORS community allowed me to connect with like-minded professionals, stay updated on the latest advancements in OR, and participate in valuable networking opportunities. Requesting CORS recognition is a testament to my commitment to excellence in the field of OR. The recognition serves as validation of my dedication and achievements, motivating me to continue striving for excellence in my career and educational pursuits. What motivates me to pursue a future career or education in the field of OR is the opportunity to make a tangible impact through problem-solving and optimization. I am passionate about using quantitative methods to tackle complex challenges and drive positive change in various industries.