The CORS Diploma

Diploma Coordinators
Sample CORS Diploma
Past Recipients

The CORS Diploma is awarded by the Canadian Operational Research Society, in association with participating Canadian universities, to recognize CORS members who have successfully completed a program of study which has included significant exposure to operational research in the following areas: OR techniques, probability and statistics, computers and systems, and applications of OR. Specific program criteria are outlined below.

The objective of the Diploma is to encourage students to pursue an educational program in the field of operational research and to recognize their achievement in successfully completing such a program. It benefits the University by highlighting the fact that a student can gain significant exposure to operational research through a particular course of study offered at that university. It benefits CORS by encouraging students to pursue a career in OR and by attracting new members.

The Diploma is administered by the Chair of the Education Committee who assumes the role of National Diploma Coordinator. Participating universities have assigned a contact person to act as Diploma Coordinator at their institution. A list of coordinators may be found by clicking here. Specific roles and responsibilities are detailed in the CORS Administrative Handbook.



A candidate must be a student member or a full member of CORS to receive the Diploma.

The minimum requirements are a 70 average in the 100-point grading system and a B- average in the letter grading system (or equivalent in other systems). This average is to be computed based on the courses that make up the CORS diploma program in a particular university. The participating universities can set higher standards

The program of study must provide coverage of four broad areas as outlined below. At least seven courses must comprise the program, where a course is defined approximately as three hours of instruction per week over a semester of 12-13 weeks. This is not a rigid program of study. It is expected to vary somewhat between universities. While the number of courses in each area is not dictated to provide flexibility, it is expected that most programs will satisfy Area 1 and Area 2 requirements with two (or more) courses each. Areas 3 and 4 do not require a dedicated course as long as the material is adequately covered throughout the program.

Area 1: Operational Research Techniques

This area consists of the technical skills of operational research. It requires coverage of all of:

  • linear programming
  • simulation
  • decision analysis

and at least three of:

  • dynamic programming
  • integer programming
  • nonlinear programming
  • heuristic optimization
  • queueing
  • production/inventory
  • project management
  • scheduling
  • facility location/layout
  • supply chain management/logistics

The program should give broad exposure to operational research, similar to the coverage of the major textbooks in the field.

Area 2: Probability and Statistics

This area consists of basic techniques in probability and statistics. It requires coverage of:

  • Random variates and distributions,
  • Estimation and hypothesis testing, and
  • Regression,

and at least two of:

  • Analysis of Variance,
  • Stochastic processes (Markov processes, renewal processes, or semi-Markovian queueing),
  • Statistical testing (parametric and non-parametric),
  • Quality control and reliability, and
  • Time series (or other forecasting models).

Area 3: Computers and Systems

This area consists of the basic tools of computer science that are used in operational research. It requires coverage of:

  • Basic computer tools (such as spreadsheets, data base management systems, and statistical analysis packages).
  • Basic computer programming in any language (including but not limited to FORTRAN, BASIC, C, C++, Pascal, VB).

As well, exposure to one or more of the following is strongly encouraged:

  • Management information systems
  • Geographic information systems
  • Decision support systems
  • Expert systems
  • Artificial intelligence

Area 4: Applications of Operational Research

This area is designed to give exposure to the application of operational research in various settings. It could consist of project courses, seminars or workshops in addition to standard means of course delivery. It could also be met by work experience (provided it was properly documented). It should illustrate the scientific method in problem solving, and discuss modeling issues such as data collection, model generation and revision, solution, implementation, verification, and validation. Functional areas include accounting, actuarial science, finance, logistics, marketing, operations, production, strategic planning and transportation. The focus might be on a particular sector, such as agriculture, defence, government services, health care, manufacturing, or natural resources, or it could consist of a broad survey of applications.



To apply for the CORS Diploma, candidates must provide transcripts of their academic record to the CORS Diploma contact person at the university from which they graduated. Graduates of a Canadian university that does not have a Diploma Contact Person should contact the National CORS Diploma Coordinator. The university contact person will review the submitted course list and ascertain whether the candidate satisfies diploma requirements. Once satisfied, the candidate’s name will be forwarded to the National Coordinator with a recommendation for the issuance of the Diploma. At the direction of the National Coordinator, CORS Membership Services will issue and transmit the diploma to the recipient.

Diploma Coordinators


National Coordinator of the CORS Diploma

Mehmet Begen

Richard Ivey School of Business
University of Western Ontario
1151 Richmond Street N.
London, ON N6A 3K7

Athabasca University

Walid Belassi

School of Business

Cape Breton University

Saman Amin

Shannon School of Business

Carleton University

Uma Kumar

Eric Sprott School of Business

Concordia University

Satyaveer Chauhan

Department of Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems

Dalhousie University

John Blake

Department of Industrial Engineering

École Polytechnique de Montréal

Louis-Martin Rousseau

Département de mathématiques et de génie industriel

HEC Montréal

Sylvain Perron

Department of Management Sciences

McGill University

Derek Wang

Desautels Faculty of Management

McMaster University

George Steiner

DeGroote School of Business

Douglas Down

Department of Computing and Software

Queen's University

Yuri G. Levin

School of Business

Royal Military College

Mohan L. Chaudhry

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Simon Fraser University

Randall Pyke

Department of Mathematics

Université Laval

Irène Abi-Zeid

Faculté des sciences de l’administration

Université de Montréal

Jean-Yves Potvin


Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Viviane Gascon

Département des sciences de la gestion

University of Alberta

Armann Ingolfsson

School of Business

University of British Columbia

Rachel Lewis

Sauder School of Business

University of Calgary

Diane Bischak

Haskayne School of Business

Yuriy Zinchenko

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

University of New Brunswick

Bram Roumi

Faculty of Business

University of Ottawa

Jonathan Patrick

TelferSchool of Management

University of Toronto

Mike Carter

Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

University of Waterloo

Benny Mantin

Department of Management Sciences

University of Western Ontario

David Stanford

Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science

University of Windsor

Jill Urbanic

Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Wilfrid Laurier University

Ignacio Castillo

School of Business & Economics

York University

Michael Chen

Department Mathematics and Statistics

Past Recipients


2016-2017 CORS Diploma Recipients

University of New Brunswick (Fredericton)  (1)

Wayne Solomon

University of Manitoba (1)

Charith Gunasekara

University of Alberta (1)

Chan Hyung Lee

2015-2016 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 14 CORS Diplomas were awarded in the 2015-2016 membership year.

Simon Fraser University (3)

LuHeng Wang, Mamie Beddis, Mayanka Sharma

McGill University (1)

Ahmed Elshakweer

University of Alberta (1)

Manuel Solis Pacheco

École de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal (1)

Samir Ouaret

HEC Montréal (1)

Marie Chesa

Dalhousie University (1)

Mark Manser

University of British Columbia (1)

Mahdi Mobini

Université Laval (1)

Oussama Aarab

Concordia University (1)

Sunpreet Singh

University of Saskatchewan (1)

Adam Lisk

University of Montreal (1)

Ines Mathlouthi 

École Polytechnique de Montréal  (1)

Mootez Ben Nasr

2014-2015 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 26 CORS Diplomas were awarded in the 2014-2015 membership year.

Royal Military College of Canada (2)

Jeffrey Campbell, Joshua de Boer

HEC Montréal (3)

Martin Cousineau, Abderrahim Ammari, Luis Lenin Saucedo Prado

York University (5)

Feiyao Zhang, Michael Ridgley, Ibrahim Shakul, Ramy Farag, Chia-Wei Mo

Dalhousie University (1)

Mehran Fazili

University of Waterloo (2)

Patrick Roncal, Andrew McCaugherty

École Polytechnique de Montréal (2)

Amira Dems, Charles Gauvin

University of Windsor (4)

Salem Jabr, Sufian Aljorephani, Elodie Rachel Mok Tsze Chung, Olzhas Pshenbayev

Brock University (1)

Sean Brown

Carleton University (1)

Dalanda Moustet

University of Manitoba (1)

Masoud Sharafi

Université Laval (2)

Samira Abbasgholizadeh Rahimi, Sébastien Vachon Robichaud

Simon Fraser University (1)

Katherine Sclater

Athabasca University (1)

Douglas Cross

2013-2014 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 25 CORS Diplomas were awarded in the 2013-2014 membership year.

York University (2)

Naveed Islam, Doyun Kim

University of Windsor (3)

Carly Henshaw, Longgang Hu, Megan Moore

University of Alberta (1)

Harry Richard Chandler

Concordia University (7)

Fan Zang, Jingfang Yang, Nicholas Politi, Jing Gao, Bo Chu, Li Gong, Jing Jing Yan

Simon Fraser University (6)

Raymond Wang, Kelsey Chan, Wenjiao Chen, Benny Wai, Walter Brett Robinson, Craig Mathews

University of British Columbia (1)

Mehdi Piltan

École Polytechnique de Montréal (1)

Seyed Hossein Hashemi Doulabi

Université Laval (2)

Brahim Essalek, Houcine Dammak

University of Waterloo (1)

Chris Menezes

Dalhousie University (1)

Andres Collart

2012-2013 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 32 CORS Diplomas were awarded in the 2012-2013 membership year.

McMaster University (1)

Mahdi Bigdeli

University of British Columbia (2)

Leroux Marais, Claudia Cambero

HEC Montreal (2)

Amir Ardestani-Jaafari, Leandro Callegari Coelho

Carleton University (2)

Michael Hogg, Crystal A. French

Simon Fraser University (7)

Mark Strange, Svyatoslav Glazyrin, Hans Aisake, Issac He, Sam Maggs, Michelle Leung, Ying Yi Ma

University of Winnipeg (1)

Trenton Collins

York University (4)

Xiaowen Zhang, Fei Yang, Gregory Sanderson, Quan Jin

École Polytechnique de Montréal (1)

Bassem Bouslah

University of Alberta (1)

Samuel David Ferrey

University of Windsor (3)

Michael Braidford, David Impens, Dong Wang

Concordia University (3)

Alyssa Mosca, Ahmed Salaheldin, Anubhuti Parajuli

Athabasca University (2)

Ray Moebedi, Adam Valois

University of Waterloo (1)

Tarek Abdallah

University of Ottawa (1)

Mohamed Baymout

Université Laval (1)

Alphonse Bytha

2011-2012 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 30 CORS Diplomas were awarded in the 2011-2012 membership year.

Carleton University (5)

Sven Dekert, Derek de Laat, Daniel Abou Saada Radwan, Omar Tayeh, William E. Bowen

Concordia University (6)

Ali Ahmed, Silvia Ito, Ernesto Rodriguez Leyva, Alfredo Marrocco, Patrick McSharry, Erik Sagoo

École Polytechnique de Montréal (2)

Miladin Djurisic, Ariane Duchesne

McMaster University (1)

Sana Rashid

Université Laval (5)

Alexis Colin, Vincent Montembeault, Michael Morin, Amine Soussi, Jasmin Tremblay

University of Alberta (2)

Vladislav Slavov, Danielle Nicole Wiebe

University of British Columbia (2)

Peter Bell, Nazanin Shabani

University of Manitoba (1)

Murray Bonner

University of Waterloo (2)

Daniel Bayer, Jennifer La

University of Windsor (1)

Nitesh Nangunoori

York University (3)

Alanna Elbaum, Judith Bernstein, Guangyao He

2010-2011 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 21 CORS Diplomas were awarded in the 2010-2011 membership year.

Carleton University (3)

Krista Labine, Richard Macpherson, Krishna Thakker

Concordia University (5)

Farzad Esmaeili, Elnaz Kanani Kuchesfehani, Ehsanallah Naseri, Lino Oliveira,
Malleswara Rao Talla

McMaster University (1)

Shefali Kulkarni-Thaker

Royal Military College of Canada (1)

Brent Fisher

Université de Montréal (1)

Jonathan Bellemare

University of Alberta (1)

Leah Sherman

University of Ottawa (2)

Yong Sheng Liu, Kevin Majkut

University of Waterloo (1)

Christie Kong

York University (6)

Anca Bucataru, Irena Dikushin, Eugene Gluskin, Michael Lau,
Sherin Mariyanayagam, Natalia Tarassova

2009-2010 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 18 CORS Diplomas were awarded in the 2009-2010 membership year.

Concordia University (3)

Rahma Tawfik, Raul Valverde, Anthony Young

McMaster University (1)

Robert Allie

Université Laval (1)

Luckny Zephyr

Université de Montréal (1)

Sylvain Pannetier Lebeuf

University of Alberta (4)

Mike Clay, Shawn Halvorson, Veronica MacInnis, Brett Michael Soprovich

University of British Columbia (1)

Mahmood Ebadian

University of Waterloo (1)

Jie Hu, Tiffany Matuk

York University (6)

Ramnath Bhagavath, Evgeni Gilioutin, Toriano Johnson, Nianheng Li,
Nigel Small, Yanagan Vijayavelkumaran

2008 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 32 CORS Diplomas were awarded in the 2008-2009 membership year.

Carleton University (6)

Jonathan Belanger, Meagan Lindsey Boileau, Yi Jiang, Andrew Mar,
Rula Sharida, Ye Wang

Dalhousie (1)

Mark Stoddard

Université Laval (4)

Hamza El-Fassi. Louis-Gérard Frégeau, Benoît Larochelle, Daniel Mailly

University of Alberta (6)

Angela Chantelle Kercher, Sterling Todd Keys, Tristan Alexande Khaner,
Amanda Marie Meleshko, Laura Shennan, Kyle Brown

University of New Brunswick (1)

Kiran Sookhee

University of Waterloo (7)

Khalid Y. Al-Qahtani, Peihao Jin, Jeffery Pui Hin Leung, Ryan John Merrick,
Somayeh Moazeni, Sujeev Ruban, Yang Zhang

University of Western Ontario (2)

Zhiyi Liang, Anthony Raheb

York University (5)

Sylvain Clément Ganter, Weihong Kong, Lulu Lou, Abdul Moiz,
Trang Nguyen

2007 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 51 CORS Diplomas were awarded in the 2007-2008 membership year.

Carleton University (5)

Elan Dubrofsky, Sangeetha Kathiravelupillai, Jeffrey R. Knight, Haitham Mohareb,
Daisy Seto

École Polytechnique de Montréal (1)

Alain Daniel Souriac

McMaster University (1)

Oleksandr Romanko

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski (1)

Stanislav S. Stoitchkov

Université de Montréal (2)

Jean-François Côté, Nicola Grenon

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (1)

Éric Lefebvre

Université Laval (5)

Ousman Abiodoun Assani, Jules Beauchemin, Armand Nonki Nkuete, Marc Paquet, Hamid Rouzak

University of Alberta (3)

Allison Bouthillier, David Mann, Morgan Skowronski

University of Metz, France (1)

Anjali Awasthi

University of New Brunswick Saint John (2)

Lei Kang, John Min Jie (Kelly) Wu

University of Waterloo (7)

Mark Ain, Bissan Ghaddar, Sachin Jayaswal, Matthew Jelavic, Christina Moulton,
Joe Naoum-Sawaya, Rakinder Sembhi

University of Western Ontario (1)

Sarah-Jane Andrea Pilgrim

University of Windsor (12)

John Battaglia, Amy Chi-May Cheng, Kevin Durda, Adam Hartfiel, Deborah Loach,
Xiaouwu Ke, Ashok Krishnamurthy, Jacqueline Niklas, Priya Sharma
Emelie Stephan, Cheng (Marshal) Wang, Yan Zhang

York University (9)

Sumia Abdul-Matin, Nathaniel Daniel, Sundeep Gupta, Roman Khaykin, Ken Lai,
Eric D. Lee, Mohit Sandhir, Yawen Xu, Hui Fang Zhou

2006 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 45 CORS Diplomas were awarded in the 2006-2007 membership year.

Carleton University (1)

Laurence Randall Smith

HÉC Montréal (1)

Jean-Philip Provencher

McMaster University (7)

Michael M. Duffield, Paul Hachmann, Ryan Jackson, Martin Kaczynski, Maziar Salahi, Husein Shamshudin, Mark Wray

Queen's University (1)

Jay Kumar Shah

Royal Military College of Canada (1)

W R McEwen

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (2)

Maria Gabriela Cano Gonzalez, Eduardo Vallin Manrique

Université Laval (1)

Loubna Benabbou

University of Alberta (8)

Maciej Bukczynski, Frank Callele, Kristeena Garrah, Samina Khandakar, Jessica Maude, Jillene Wiebe, Kingsley Wong, Mark Zschocke

University of Waterloo (1)


University of Western Ontario (16)

Dina Al-Saffar, Hong Cheng, Yi Dong, Yanyang Feng, Stephen Jackman, Shaun Kalwaney, Sarah Miller, Qian Qian, Oryssia Steciw, Jialin Sun, Yi Sun, Mu Yang, Li Hua Yue, Lutong Zhou, Zhou Yi Zhu, Bassma El-Afghani

York University (6)

Edmund Rey Fernandez, William Seokwoo Lee, Shannon Liu, Maja Popovic, Hua Sheng Jin, Cristina Ravineala

2005 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 37 CORS Diplomas were awarded in the 2005-2006 membership year.

Carleton University (5)

Tamara Ali, Kiran Elahi, Jing Li May , Peter Ryan Murray, Difei Zhang

HÉC Montréal (2)

Alexandre Beaudry, Stéphanie Deneault

McMaster University (4)

Peter Antal, Stevan Cule, Patel Jayesh, Olesya Peshko

Resesselaer Polytechnic Institue and Argosy University/Sarasota (1)

Thomas Bell Cascio

Université de Montréal (1)

Daniel Duclos

University of Alberta (4)

Mark Haig, Timothy James Gold, Chris Normandeau, Zhijie Shen

University of Calgary (1)

Brent Snider

University of New Brunswick, Saint John (5)

Ying Cui, Xiangtan Gong, Richard Oakes, Amy Stackhouse, Shyh Ling Tan

University of Texas at Arlington (1)

David Adesina During

University of Toronto (1)

William El-Khouri

University of Western Ontario (4)

Ming Chen, Siqing (Jessie) Huang, Shuo Wang, Nuqing (Yeffie) Yang,

University of Windsor (2)

Bryce William McFadden, Vishal Raja

York University (6)

Katrin Abramovsky, Moshe Gershuni, Elena Nikolaeva Stoyanova, Stella Tai, Josephine Ke Fei Tang, Amy Wai Yin Wong

2004 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 61 CORS Diplomas were awarded in the 2004-2005 membership year.

Athabasca University (1)

William Au

Carleton University (10)

Nayef Al-Abdulwahed, Jeremie Bennett, Mihkel Kuutan Emery, Joel Andrew Humphrey, Assad Jamil, Peter Ryan Murray, Mark Pivotto, Gnanalingam Santhiralingam, Rubalingam Santhiralingam, Chi Leung Wong

HÉC Montreal (7)

Alysson Machado Costa, Benoit Crevier , Eve Lacasse-Guay, Guillaume Hamer-Lavoie, Nadia Lahrichi, Rémy Monfet, Vincent Raymond

London Metropolitan University and Greenwich University (1)

Kogila Parvadee Sheila Narayanassamy

McMaster University (7)

Carolyn Chan, Mark Pavlidis, Kathryn S. Pierrynowski, David Sasaki, Patrick Stanzel, Stephen James Stoyan, Gerard Vaz

Queen's University (1)

Kaymar K. Moud

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (2)

Patrick Bouchard, Didier Edoukoi

University of Alberta (9)

Stephanie Ka Long Chan, Vanessa Cheung, Alden Lael Lökken Christianson, Joel Robert William Dei, Andrea L. Denney, Lynn Melanie Gordon, Scott Matthew Knibbs, Kelly Ryan O'Byrne, Jared Daniel Poplawski

University of British Columbia (3)

Mariel Lavieri,Tom Mojica, Neda Salehirad

University of Calgary (1)

Michael Thomas Hofer

University of New Brunswick (1)

Shannon Patino

University of Ottawa (6)

Cheng Li, Faramarz Manesh, Davis Pang, Fazal Sadikali, Hui Song , Jennifer (Qiao) Sun

University of Waterloo (2)

Abdul Rahim Ahmad, Mark Rovinsky

University of Western Ontario (5)

Tarick Fadel, Christopher Louard, Eileen Mead, Heung Ning Shum, Tomoko Ueno

University of Windsor (1)

Liping Ma

York University (4)

Yoonsuk ED. Cha, Yan Dong, Guobiao Feng, Ivana Stankovic

2003 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 72 CORS Diplomas were awarded in 2003.

Carleton University (8)

William E. Bowen, Poonam Bilkhu, Chun Kit Chan, Francine M. Williams-Guy, Wenhong Jia, Joel Andrew Humphrey, Alexandre Arjano, Premala Santhiapillai

Dalhousie University (4)

Holly Gambin, Bryan Healy, Jeffrey Townsend, Peter VanBerkel

Queen's University (2)

Mathieu Paul Balez, Michel Archambault

Ryerson University (1)

Michael Marra

University of Alberta (17)

Eva Mo, Yongyue Li, Jeffrey Allen Litchfield, Nick Alexandropoulos, Ashley H. Aggarwal, Backe Thai, Shaunik Katyal, Kent Daniel Greaves, Audrey Shu Yip, Shirley Kwan, Andrea Margaret Malo, Ryan Jennings, Rick Cheng, Horia Stroe, Mira Marwaha, David Fath, Ashfaq Gohar

University of British Columbia (10)

Liping Liang, Anita Parkinson, Russell Fenske, Bryan Read, David Walker, Aimee Zhou, Iris Guo, Ernest Wu, Sean Baird, Kelly Chung

University of Calgary (10)

Janine Bamber, Bo Dekker, Kevin Hallet, Oliver Law, Scott Murayama, Ryan Richards, Ann Tieu, Joyce Tsui, Kenneth Yau, Anson Lu

University of New Brunswick, Saint John (1)

Hui Meng

UQTR (Trois Rivières) (2)

Catherine Gingras, David Béliveau

University of Waterloo (2)

Frank Xiaolong Hu, Jennifer Percival

University of Western Ontario (6)

Neil Dougdeen, Rachel Elias, Huy Thua Huynh, Evise Kopliku, Courtney Marie MacGillivray, Mattea Rose Mitchell

University of Windsor (3)

Ryan Elizabeth Hillman, Bruce Jean, Dana Michelle Steffes

York University (6)

Alessandro Vincenzo Berlingeri, Jorge Isaac Delgado, Carina Yan Yan Fong, Jian-Zhang Huang, Connie Pui Yan Leung, Noemi Toiber Temin

2002 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 118 CORS Diplomas were awarded in 2002.

Carleton University (2)

Kevin Anthony Watters, James Kenneth Oastler

College Militaire Royal de St.Jean (1)

Jim Mollison

Dalhousie University (9)

Shaun Bigg, Gareth Gill, Kimberley Hamilton, Rudina Lolja, Christopher MacAulay, Nicholas Malone, Sara Patterson, Dana Pero, Wendy Zwicker

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (7)

Jean-Philippe Aubin, Annie Blanchet, Sébastien Cloutier, Stéphanie Dionne, Natalie Francoeur, Josée Paillé, Anne-Marie Trottier

University of Alberta (26)

Shivdeep Singh, Hien Thanh Tran, David Lindsay Foster, Stephen Anthony Koehn, Kelly Richard Bruce Stalker, Tony H. Han, Bohdan John Stachniak, Paul Charles Wornham, Michael Dalgarno Thomas, Kelly James Taylor, Lucas Paul Ethier, Louis Ping Hang Choi, Kelley Catherine Bessette, Jason Anthony Pomedli, Amri Kathryn Benjamin, Matthew David Riskin, Leigh Renee Scrivens, Rory Clarke D'Ilio, Jason Thanh Giang, Scott Christopher Jackson, Hyeongjun Lee, Johnathon Paul Johnson, Michael Patrick Noel, Philipp J. Suess, Vinod Viswalingam, Perminder Kaur Gill

University of British Columbia (8)

Mehmet Begen, Nicole Franjic, Sheelah Heckroodt, Kathryn Kolbuch, Omar Ladak, Sumant Jha, Ellen Fowler, Sarah Colby

University of New Brunswick--Saint John (7)

Sean Clarke, Holly Marie Greenlaw, Jody Hartley, Kera Ann McAllister, Arash Memarzadeh, Randall Jon Scott Oldfield, Sasha Patino

University of Ottawa (37)

Asthma Ahmed, Georges Ayoub, Jason Brash, Yu Cheng Chen, Johanne Desrochers, Genevieve Doucet, Nadine Fares, Marc Christian Fielding, Chantal Forget, Nila Iyer, Michel Kalasznikow, Tuan Le, Amy Riham Mansour Fawzi, Hiep Tu Ong, Christian Robertson, Shakir Sadikali, Naeem Saloojee, Manon Johanne Sanscartier, Mykyta Synytskyy, Daniel Trottier, Cheng Cheng Xi, Maria Bomble, Patrick Comtois, Manesh Eftekhari, Hassan Hojeije, Xin Jin, Yongqiang Kang, Qing Li, Michelangelo Lipari, Hong Liu, Hui Liu, Marina Sokolova. Xianghzhe Tang, Jie Wu, Guangxin Xing, Yang Zhang, Faramarz Eftekhari Manesh

University of Saskatchewan (2)

Donna Bendig, David Otte

University of Toronto (1)

Carol Anne Kisil

University of Western Ontario (2)

Lai-Ping Rebecca Wong, Neil Mowbray

University of Windsor (4)

Brooke V. Boggs, Melisa A. Meo, Sara Jane Armstrong, Bradley Matthew Noll

York University (12)

Doris Chan, Mima Marie Cirasella, Kim Joon Foo, Giuseppina Fraschini, Natalia Krasner, Man-ching Ho, Hang U Mak, Antonio Picozzi, Irene Pomykala

2001 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 146 CORS Diplomas were awarded for the year 2001.

Carleton University (5)

Denise Cheng, Darcy Lee McRae, Alvin Boota, Trevor John Teed, Shareef Hassan

École des Hautes Études Commerciales (1)

Joseph R. L. Fournier

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (4)

Alexandre Gauthier, Isabelle Charest, Jean-François Cournoyer, Josée Veillette

Université de Sherbrooke (1)

Khalid El Yassini

University of Alberta (10)

Ryan Palmer, Michael Foon Chung Wong, Carol Mai Bo Cheung, Koji Yamamoto, Lori Michelle Oldring, Adrian Kin Shing Chan, Rodney Yun Siong Ku, Carlee Alexandra Jendruck, Kristopher Nathan Smith, Kevin Patrick Mulligan

University of British Columbia (6)

Isabelle Smith, Stanley Tse, Kyle Biswanger, Derek Leung, Amir Sepasi, Dragomirna Rugina

University of New Brunswick--Saint John (29)

April Lynn Abrahamsen, Alexis Angela Alty, Tzvetmoir Petrov Atannasov, Ryan Anthony Bourgeois, Edith Brideau, Melissa Lynn Brown, Patricia Faye Chisholm, Candace Currie, John J. Cyr, Militsa Doukogiannis, Robecca Ann Gagne, Mitchell Galen Giberson, Stacey Elizabeth Giblin, Amanda Betty Golding, Raymond Charles Gracewood, Jeffery Alexander Horne, Kurtis Owen Hughes, Susan Kathleen Layton, Stephen Joseph Albert LeBlanc, Laura Jean McAdam, Charles Bradley Myles, Andrew Sean Cyril Nichol, Mark David Olmstead, Tara Ceceilia O’Mahony, Tricia Lynn Osborn, Angela Jean Stears, Amy Vivian Stockhouse, Deidre Michelle Taylor, Julie Ellen Wood

University of Ottawa (65)

Sameera Ahmed, Carmelina Calarco, Josée Chabot, Steve Dupont, Catherine Forster, Frederic Gaudet, Asif Hasan, Yuan-Yen Heng, Nhuan Huynh, Michael G. Klein, Irina U. Kreindel, Dominique Lalonde, Natalie Lefrancois, Nicholas Leroux, Jill M. MacLaurin, Yokie Mak, Erik N. Markhauser, Brent Morrey, Jeffrey Morris, William Moylan, Kim-Anh Nguyen, Lise Niyuhire, Vikas Pall, Davis Pang, Jayson Peltzer, Jo-Ann Saab, Sabrina Siddiqui, AngelaD. Sulpher, Meenaz Sunderji, Naaznin Sunderji, Hung Tran, Yong Che, Mee Fung Chean, Min Chen, Pei Chen, Xuejun Chen, Hongqiu Chu, Sally Cockburn, Jiangping Dai, Xiaoying Deng, Hassan Ghaddar, Wei Gu, Marek Hrubesz, Bin Huang, Wei Huo, Xue Mei Lei, Yue Li, Frank Feng Liang, Fengchen Lin, Qizhi Liu, Nicola Nader, Anita Pathak, Adel Senki, Dhaval Shah, Weibin Wang, Min Wang, Gang Wu, Jun Yan, Jinzhi Yang, Lin Yang, Yihui Yin, Feng Yu, Ling Zhang, Zhengrui Zhao, Xi Zhao

University of Saskatchewan (3)

Tzvetalin Simeonov Vassilev, Michael W. Elchuk, Adeniyi Onasanya

University of Western Ontario (8)

Shawn Ford, Cheryl Dorothy Gibbons, Robert McGowan, Lara Mirilovic, Hung-Ming Sung, Douglas Woolford, Teo Swee Yong, Winnie Man Kit Chung

University of Windsor (2)

Davide L. Faccenda, Lisa Marie Parisien

York University (12)

Ka Lai Rebecca Lee, Andy Yik Chi Lo, Ilan Goldfarb, Ka Chai Lai, Leron Azeroual, Rodica Cicu, Sarah Lee, Shirley Cordeiro, Teresa Chiu Sheung Chu, Wing Sze Au, Yu-hsin Yang, Elisa Tsang

2000 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 134 CORS Diplomas were awarded for the year 2000.

Athabasca University (1)

Jeff Dutton

Carleton University (4)

Chung Tat Yan Wang Fan, Meher Khan, Theresa Ennis, Jason Coccimiglio

McMaster University (1)

John Mandic

University of Alberta (7)

Brent Schaffrick, Dean Gordon Munk, Derek Lee Slemko, Eric Fleury, Hubert Pavel Szewczyk, Joey Cherdarchuk, Russell Dean Fenske

University of British Columbia (4)

Claire Lin, Darrell Braun, Vincent Morency, Ernest Urbanovich

University of New Brunswick--Saint John (35)

Andrea G. Flanders, Angela D. Bowland, Anthony Bordage, Arthur Harris Simpson, Bradley James Wetmore, Christiane Werner, Daniel Lipman Levine, David Andrew Seeley, Elizabeth Ann Eichler, Gerald Paul Donovan, Heather Ann Boyer, Heather M. Lloyd, Heather Nathalie Whittaker, Judith Anne Lane, Karen Leanne Humby, Karen Lynn Wilson, Karin Lynn Landry, Karla L. Welch, Karyne Lee Moore, Lana Ann Targett, Laura Munro, Lisa Dawn Ernst, Lise Sarah Hanley, Lori Anne Nickerson, Margo Stackhouse, Mary Margaret Bonnell, Ngai Lap Yung, Raymond Edward Seaward, Robert Warren Scott, Shawn I. McPherson, Shelley Ann Fowler, Shelly Lynn Alexander, Shirley Patricia London, Trisha Lynn Buchanan, Vanessa D. Chase

University of Ottawa (23)

Ambereen Jamal, Amirah Beshir, Anurandha Venkatesh, David Adams, David Paul Belanger, Duane Goodwin, Dwayne Dinn, Jean-François de Montigny, Jill MacLaurin, Julie Bazinet, Lorraine Garrett, Lu Li, Marc Connor, Martin Poirier, Mircea Slobozianu, Mojgan Alapour, Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Khan, Nader Nicola Abu Saad, Patrice da Matha Sant'Anna, Peter Aiken, Philip Mathura, Ranyani Perera, Simi Khabra

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (28)

Julie St-Pierre, Yann Rouleau, Guylaine Marcoux, Annie Désaulniers, François Bellavance, Véronique Beaufort, Pierre Paquette, Dominique Villiard, André Vachon, Marc Lindsay, Véronique Potvin, Céline Marcotte, Karine Beaulieu, Karine Bérubé, Chantale Bruneau, Frédéric Éthier, Éric Lavigne, Geneviève Lequin, Martin Perron, Claude Fortier, Maurice Houle, Nadine Côté, Denis Robichaud, Rodolphe Plante, Véronique Péloquin, Cathy Pauzé, Martin Dansereau, Madeleine Lupien

University of Toronto (5)

Burcu Anadol, Emmanuel Markasis, Paul Bogdan Ticu, Lev Imas, Yaron Daniel Derman

University of Western Ontario (3)

Carmen Ko, Nadia Comaneci Minnis, Vikash Bagla

University of Windsor (7)

Terri Baltzer, Stephanie A. Beaulieu, Andrew Ko Lai Fat Fur, Martin Sebastian Lubanski, Marlo Lynn Masanovich, Maria Michalski, Drew Robert Alexander Sinclair

York University (16)

Abraam Androutsos, Wing Yiu Chan, Joyce Lok Yee Cheung, Heather Wai Yee Cheung, Tracy Yee Chui Cheung, Edwin Yu-Chin Fu, Iqbal Singh Gosal, Michael Paul Kurhan, Amy Hoi Yan Lam, Catherine Wing Yan Lam, Ka Lai Rebecca Lee, Uyen Thi Thanh Nguyen, Susan Ann Marie Samuels, Yvonne Pui-Kwan To, Giuseppe Di Giorgio, Ronnel Perada

1999 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 58 CORS Diplomas were awarded in 1999.

University of Alberta (10)

Laura Morrison, Magdalena Olesinska, Christopher Neuman, Nina Sharma, Nelson Webb, Mark Jaffray, Shelby So, Doug Anderson, Bill Cook, Nelson Webb

Carleton University (7)

Kwok Wai Thomas Wong, Michael Boulet, John Allan Mueller, Hoi Chi Rita Chan, Dan Ballem, Rudolf Galan, Kevin Timms

Dalhousie University (16)

Darah Atkinson, Shawn Farmer, Erin Fitzpatrick, Sandi Hawes, Graham Howse, Rob L. Landry, Ian Lavoie, Shannon Macey, Colin Mason, Shauna McMillan, Usamah Mughal, Mohamed Obaid, Jesse Parker, Katherine Shillington, David A. Storey, Shadi Taman

University of British Columbia (1)

Jason Goto

University of Ottawa (9)

Abduelbaset Goweder, Lutfi Salem El-Hwege, Gerardo Madrid, Gordon Simms, Andrew R. Kruger, Stacey Muise, Peter Nehme, Kandiah Suseendran, Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Khan

University of Western Ontario (6)

Julie Landreville, Christina Choi, Boris Wing-Kin Poon, Jany Chan Ho Yan, Michael Cheung, Karen Anderson

University of Windsor (1)

Danny Noal

York University (8)

Darren Cabral, Carman Chan, Stella Chan, Joe DiGiorgio, Svetlana Katic, Leo Kam, Huy Quang Le, Ann Yang

1998 CORS Diploma Recipients

A total of 121 CORS Diplomas were awarded at the end of the 1997-1998 academic year.

University of Alberta (3)

Ada Chan, Arthur Kan, Steven Joseph Kabanuk

Athabasca University (4)

Derrick Pagenkopf, Elaine Mak, Lyle Thomas Gordon, Ron E. Evans

Carleton University (21)

Brent E. Carson, Charlie Younghusband, Chi-Keung Lam, Gordon Kwok Tung Lo, Heather Blaine, Jason Daley, Jeff Edward Annable, Joanna Hoi Hong Lao, Lee James Gagne, Meher Khan, Mei Yan Sofina Leung, Micheline Nitschke, Ming Tung Andy Yau, On Ki Angel Tse, Philip Fong, Sean Malloy, Teresa Power, Thomas Wong, Vinnie Pham, Willow Hlady, Yanira Castaneda

Dalhousie University (21)

Abhinay Singh Samant, Adam Smith, Angela Marie Campbell, Chris Jarvis, Craig A. Hall, Drew Barbour, G.C. Jobe, Gregory C. Allen, Holly Margaret Ryan, Jeff Harding, Joo Ling Ooi, Karen Lynne Turner, Lisa McCarthy, Michael D. Hocquard, Mike Fraser, Pamela A. Scully, Robert C. Shields, Ruby Christine Cowie, Scott D. Neary, Sheldon William Butt, Timothy Wilhelm Schaefer

McMaster University (1)

Richard J. Green

University of Ottawa (28)

Ahmed Hashi Abib, Ashok Sadasivan, Catharine Giblin, Chun Ma, David Pollitt, Deepak Jairath, Doctor Mainul Ahsan, Gabriel Khoi Duong, Huajian Wang, Jason Dubeau, Jessica Kim Johnston, Jon Corchis, Jun Li, Lei Chen, Liqiang Cheng, Li-Qiao Chen, Mohamed Abdullahi Derie, Nicolas Lupien, Philippe Lefebvre, Ping Wang, Salim Raza Razvi, Thuy Hai Nguyen, Tianbo Chen, Vu Anh Pham, Ying Gong, Yisha Chen, Zengju Tian, Zhuo Zhou

University of Western Ontario (10)

Eddy Susanto, Jeff Brook, Karen Stinnes, Ranky Li, Rebecca Chung, Rosa Chung, Swee Ngee Teo, Teoh Hooi Beng, Tim Kaczun, Tim Mehnert

University of Windsor (17)

Andrew Clayton Dewer, Brenda Anne Jacques, Christine McCorquodale, Danielle Berkes, Diane Marie Burling, Emrah Ikiok, Eric G. Willis, Eshai Hirshberg, Heidi Verbeek, Jasmine Andiappan, Jason Theodore A. Fancett, Jorge Paulo, Joseph Stammler, Martin Sulja, Mohd Faiz Abd Aziz, Nicholas Ma, Paolo A. Novelletto

University of Winnipeg (2)

Qun Zhou, Yan Jin

York University (14)

Anson C. M. Lee, Cecil Villanueva Cruz, Chi-Ngong Leon Chiu, Christine Ying-Chi Lee, Kyuil Choi, Mandana Samandari, Marietta Wei Kwan Mou, Navin Neeraj Kanagasooriam, Olia Nadia Kchik, Paul A. Leistra, Sherrye Lynne Palmer, Siu Yan Tse, Wai-Yin Ng, Yuet-Yan Agnes Fung

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