The fine individuals responsible for keeping the student OR community alive and well in Waterloo are:

2019/2020 Council:
President: Khaled Shah
Vice President: Aliaa Alnaggar
Treasurer: Paulo De Carvalho
Secretary: Kiefer Joe Burgess
Web Developer: Danielle Ripsman
Supporting Member: Amirhossein Vaeztehrani
Supporting Member: Haoran Wu
Supporting Member: Krishna Sabareesh Rajangom
Supporting Member: Rebecca Rayner

2018/2019 Council:
President: Krishna Sabareesh Rajangom, Vice President: Danielle Ripsman, Treasurer: Paulo De Carvalho, Secretary: Sara Babaee
Supporting Members: Aliaa Alnaggar, Pradeepika Chanana, Amirhossein Vaeztehrani, Haoran Wu, Sulaiman Olabiyi

2017/2018 Council:
President: Danielle Ripsman, Vice President: Paulo De Carvalho, Secretary/Treasurer: Cynthia Waltho
Supporting Members: Aliaa Alnaggar, Sara Babaee, Kevin Ding, Siyu Ma, George Zhang